Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Planet rankings

Man about 60 came by the desk and whispered this is the BEST library on the PLANET!

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Cataloger

Woman about 65 asks me where the DVD holds are.  I say, they are right behind you on those shelves under your last name.  She says, no, I have a DVD on hold, where can I find that?  I tell her the same thing.

She finds the DVD and storms back to the desk.  It was a set of discs of a tv show I don't remember.  She was upset/concerned/frustrated that the discs didn't contain the whole season.  So she asks -- are YOU a reference librarian?  I say yes, and she replies she used to be a cataloguer.  She asks to see the MARC record, probably just to show off that she knows the term.

She looks at the record and complains that it is incomplete.  At this point, it is 4:00 PM, the time I leave on Fridays.  My colleague took over and helped the cataloger I assume.

Bye liberry!  Happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Not playing with a full deck

Regular who isn't really playing with a full deck calls me over to his public computer.  He tells me that the person who had the computer before him was still signed into the email account.  So instead of signing the guy out he sends the person an email from that account stating that it isn't a good idea to leave the email account open on a public computer.  I told him that that was not a good idea to do that.  He said, no, you don't get it, and told me the story over and over.

Monday, March 16, 2015

#28 is so true

99 out of 100 patrons will be friendly, polite, and personable.  Sadly, it is the one patron who is rude, unpleasant, and demanding you will remember from the workday.  Try to remember the majority and reflect on the good people you serve every day.  This is never easy to do.

Laws of Library Science

Friday, March 13, 2015

Not good

There were several events that contributed to this week being not a fun one.  

Woman yelled at me because she wanted to buy the Tai Chi DVD.  (I thought Tai Chi was supposed to be something calming).  

Another customer heard the Tai Chi interaction (not hard to do) and told me that I do a good job, and that she works in a psych ward and see many similarities at the library.

I had to be the volunteer for the VITA tax program because our volunteer couldn't come.  I did 4.5 hours of back to back appointments.  A couple customers were thankful for service.  However, one woman came completely unprepared and was angry that VITA is "not at all like H&R Block."

And many more things happened, like the man dressed in a toga dancing, talking to himself, and overall just acting weird.  Just not a positive atmosphere.

But to top it off I got a parking ticket.  I wasn't careful enough to turn my tires to the curb on a hill.  

Hopefully tomorrow, Saturday, my "Friday" will be a better day.  After all, it will be Pi Day!  What could possibly go wrong?  Knock on wood.