Saturday, March 26, 2005

an awesome Yahoo! email class

There were 3 students today in my email class- it was an absolutely hilarious hour! There was a woman with a walker (she talked about her wheels), and a couple who had been married over 60 years. The husband could hardly hear. All of them had an awesome sense of humor.

The first task is always one of the hardest- getting to One student typed in, and another wrote y-a-h-zero-zero. Then, it was a huge effort for everyone to think of a username. One woman said, “is it for keeps?” It took about 40 minutes to make it through the sign up. There was the “look what I got” response to what happened when the password was entered (i.e. *******), “I missed,” “one more,” “so just click it?,” and plenty of “I can’t remember’s.” But that part of the class was typical.

The husband was really cute when he saw an ad for Mastercard- great for bad credit customers. He said, “Oh, there I go.”

When we got to sending practice emails the husband didn’t know what to write to his wife. She yelled at him, “Just type FIX MY LUNCH. And don’t forget to say please.” He actually typed, “Tell Carol to get on her horse and come to the derby.” Almost the same as “fix my lunch,” but he had his own ideas after all.

The other woman wrote a message that went like this: "If you push shift and hold it down and hit the number 2, you get @." Practice makes perfect!

At the end of the class the wife said that her husband can hear everything she says, even in her sleep. He said, “You know what that’s called? A nightmare!” So cute.

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Anja said...

Haha how funny!