Thursday, March 24, 2005

Don Music

Another example of how my grad work in library science could have never prepared me for any of the daily events in a public library: Saturday was my day to teach the hour long Intro. to Internet class. One man showed up 15 minutes early, so I asked him choose a terminal and wait for the rest of the class. I went back to the office to finish making copies of handouts. When it was time to start the class, no one else was there (the other student came 10 min late), and I found the man asleep with his HEAD ON THE KEYBOARD.

I wondered- is he ok? does he need CPR? should I call 911? maybe he's dead? I had my colleagues help. We made enough noise to wake him up. Thank God the student was just asleep. But with the head ON the keyboard?

It reminded me of Don Music, the Muppet on Sesame St. who used to slam his head on the piano keys. He isn't on SS anymore "... because of the complaints about his alarming tendencies toward self-inflicted punishment. Apparently, kids were imitating his head-banging at home." (Sesame Street Unpaved)

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