Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Fangled

Whenever I teach a computer class it is a real challenge for me not to tear my hair out! The typical class lasts an hour, and it goes something like this:

Getting to the address bar always takes a while. Click in the address bar on the top, the long one. Type in google.com, just G-o-o-g-l-e dot, a dot is a period, on the bottom row, just above the space bar, then c-o-m. No, it doesn't matter if it is in caps. OK, now you are going to have to backspace to erase that space. The backspace button is up in the upper right of the keyboard, let me show you, just press it like this, don't hold it down, ooops, now you have to start over because the whole thing got erased. That's ok, practice makes perfect, right? So the student says, "so I just type googles and that's it?"

The email class is always fun too, especially the part at the end of the Yahoo! application that requires one to verify the registration by typing in the code that's blurred. Also, the part about if you forget your password, think of a question and answer that you will remember. It can be the name of your pet, first school, etc. It's so confusing to work with the drop down menus too. So anyway, after we get through that whole process the hour is almost up. To review we close the browser and start over. Usually the students either type in their actual email address into the bar or type in the password where it asks for the user name. Just learning...

But I have to give credit to these people who want to learn this new fangled technology! I hope I'll be on the cutting edge when I am their age.

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