Thursday, March 24, 2005

You just know

I'm looking for the phone number of a company in New York, New York called "The Bathroom Company."

So, I start to hunt around. After a few quick searches, I ask the patron if she is sure of the name of the business. She said, "no, I just know it intuitively. I'm trying to redecorate my bathroom and the tile needs to be the same color as the shower. I know intuitively that New York City, New York would have the products I need. Do you want to see the pictures I drew last night?

I commented that it seems to be a Home Depot project, but I guess that wasn't intuitive enough.

Moving on to the next subject- she asked for the corporate phone number of Payless Shoes. Easy enough to find.

Then she said- "honey, you are so nice. You have been such a wonderful help. Do people like come up and pay you, like, give you cash every day?"

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