Tuesday, April 26, 2005

All in one book

Woman in her 60's: I want a timeline of the history of mankind.

Me: Can you narrow that to a specific time period?

Woman: No, I want it all in one book. From the year 4026 BC to the year 8000.

Me: We haven't reached the year 8000 yet. (Come back in 6000 years- you still won't be able to find such a book).

Woman: Just tell me where the timelines are and I'll find it.

Me: We probably don't have books specifically with timelines, but I bet I can find one about the history of the caveman, etc. in each era.

Woman: No, it has to be all in one book. Events that took place every day from the year 4026 BC until today.

So I showed her the area where World History books are, and she seemed happy as a clam. I wonder what's so special about 4026 BC?

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SL said...

I realize this comment is just a little late -- I just found this blog today -- but Adam was allegedly was born in 4026 B.C. Or maybe you've found that out by now. :)