Thursday, April 21, 2005

Court reporter

Today there were two men who came together and left at the same time, but that was the only evidence of a friendship. They sat down next to each other @ the internets. One of them provided a constant monologue about the things he found on his screen. The other paid no attention and said nothing. It wasn't busy today because it was a perfect day outside, so I felt like a court reporter recording the monologue:

Huh, Barnes Noble Com, did you know you could buy textbooks from there and get free shipping? Spend twenty five dollars or more. Huh.

What's this? Be rich? Boy, I went, where is it?

Oh, that guy was on Desperate Housewives. There's Days of Our Lives!

How we got to that? Moviestars, they are people, not a company. Hey, I should go to LA and find some moviestars. Other people have done it. I bet I could. Someone's going to if they haven't. Hmmm, actors and actresses. Huh.

I wonder if the baseball game has started yet.

You know platinum 60000 meter?

Oh, this is that game on xbox, a pinball game. You can really ask for anything. That would be cool.

There's rock climbing, tasteless. I wanna see it.

That's cool, a little more racy. Look at these guys.

Oh, this is a racing car that has excess on it. I love racing car. That's cool.

What's this? Look at this little kid, ... huh ... huh...

That's cool (a picture of a parrot with a piece of paper in its beak). I want to sign up.

Huh ... eh .... huh. Excess.

Michigan State University mascot, that's cool, heh.... wow!

Hot Rod Grill in Las Vegas, how's that? Woah!

Look at this, this is huge!

Fire department or something, you know. Where's the local fire department?

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