Friday, April 29, 2005


Not a fun Friday. An old, paranoid, conspiracy theorist, curmudgeon complained about our weeding policy. While my colleague went to find the policy, he asked for book after book that must have been taken by the government. He kept saying I know how these inside organizations work- you're good at hiding information. For instance, who edits wikipedia, huh?

It took FOREVER for my colleague to return with the policy manual and the director's business card. Why? Because our regional librarian was busy dealing with someone having a seizure.

So, my conversation continues with the man who makes Oscar the Grouch seem like an optimistic, upbeat, and gracious resident of Sesame Street. So, I tell the people behind Oscar that if they are waiting for the internet, just go ahead and take any one available. Oscar said, so what makes you think they are waiting for the computer?

Me: The probability is very high.
Oscar: Oh, so now you think you are a mathematician?
Me: Actually, yes, I have a math degree.
Oscar: Where did you go to school?
Me: I tell him.
Oscar: Oh, I've heard of that.


Slam! Thank you very much...

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