Wednesday, April 20, 2005

fanny pack creep

It's never a good sign when a patron knows my name. One guy who always wears a fanny pack (I remember when I had one in the 80's) is one of those people. He usually spends his internet time researching sites like "how to impress a girl dot com." The font size on one of them must be at least 36- quite amazing I can see it from the distance.

Recently one of my contacts ripped so I had to wear my glasses to work. So, fanny pack guy says, "Hey (my name), you sure look smart in your glasses. "

Do you think I wore my glasses the next day? Not a chance!


the stealthy librarian said...

OK, seriously. Do we work at the same library? I'm totally enjoying your blog. I'll try not to comment on every single post, but I identify strongly with all of them.

Marian The said...

Oh, wow, thank you!!
You were pretty much the inspiration for it, in fact.

Go ahead and comment all you want--we get all excited whenever we find evidence that someone actually reads this.

Although really, it mainly functions as therapy. I think I've been enjoying my job even more than usual since we started writing this.

Of course I can't say what library we work for, but my email is marianlibrarian at gmail--write sometime and we can compare war stories!

The Liberry aka Amy said...

I absolutely agree that this past month has been the absolute best! You could email me at lovetheliberry at gmail dot come also!

Liberry friends are priceless:)