Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Interesting Things People Have Told Me Lately

"It's difficult for a man to make it as a wedding planner, but I enjoy the work."

"All my phones were destroyed in 9-11."

"I'm not a racist--I'm Asian." --after quizzing me extensively over the phone about whether there were any creepy old Hispanic men around.

"My roommate is listening through the wall and copying down my poems and recipes. I think she's sending them to Oprah."


Bruce said...

I thought independent video shop clerks had the most obscure questions to field but I stand corrected. What fun!

vyoma said...

hey. when i started reading the blog i was assuming you were a guy. i was planning to leave a sexy babe kinda comment when i read on and found out you're a woman. i still love you ok?

Marian The said...

Heh, yes, both of us are women--it's a female-dominated profession, what can I say?
Glad you still like us anyway.