Wednesday, April 20, 2005

phone call

Caller: I'm looking for a book called British Literature.

Me: Do you mean you are looking for a textbook?

Caller: No, I need a paraphrase of a poem written a really long time ago. Like, I could sit down and try to read it, but it would be easier if I could find something written by someone who has done all the work for me.

Me: Do you know the title of the poem?

Caller: It is British Literature.

Me: Do you know the author?

Caller: I went to google and typed elegy written in a church courtyard, but nothing came up.

Me: Let me try- Oh, here it is- a site that critiques the poem. It's the first link.

Caller: How come when I try that, I don't see it?

Me: What did you type?

Caller: Eulogy written in a church courtyard paraphrase help.

Me: Just type "elegy written in a church courtyard" and click on the first link listed.

Caller: OK, I did that, but I don't see the poem.

Me: Scroll down.

Caller: How? My computer doesn't do that.

Me: Use the down arrow to see the whole page.

Caller: Oh, I see it! You are awesome! Fantastic!

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