Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another grouch

"How come your homepage doesn't support UNIX? I bet you have never even heard of it, have you... You are trying to get rid of old men like me."

Marian: Actually, our homepage supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Opera, just to mention a few.

Bet ya haven't heard of those!


Robert said...

Oranges and tangerines. Grumpy Old Guy is referring to an operating system, while Marian is referring to internet browsers. OK, I've filled today's pedant quota. I just found your blog via blogess Breda, the world's most dangerous librarian. Thanks for the insight into your workday.

Marian The said...

Robert, you're absolutely right! UNIX is not a browser.
I maintain that I was misquoted.

Amy said...

I am probably the one who said that! Sorry for misquoting you Marian.