Thursday, May 19, 2005

at the "academic" liberry

Clueless Student: I'm trying to do this online library orientation exam and there are just a couple of things I don't understand.

Me: OK, what can I help you with? (Keeping in mind that it is one week until final exams and this exercise is normally supposed to be completed at the beginning of the semester).

CS: Well, I found these magazine articles in XYZ database, but how do I know if they are full-text or not?

Me: Click on the title to bring up the full record. Now do you see the citation?

CS: What's that?

Me: The citation is the part that lists the title, author, etc.

CS: Oh yeah, right.

Me: Now look below the citation and tell me what you see.

CS: An article.

Me. Right.

CS: So like, is it full-text or not?

Me: If the article is included, then it's full-text. If you only see the citation and abstract, then it's not full-text.

CS: What's an abstract?

Me: It's a paragraph that summarizes the article.

CS: Oh yeah, right.

CS: So what about here, where it says "This title is not held locally" - what does that mean?

Me: It means our library doesn't subscribe to that journal. If you need that article, we can request it for you through interlibrary loan.

CS: What's that?

Me: It's where we ask another library to send a copy of the article for you.

CS: And how much does that cost?

Me: It's free for registered students.

CS: Really? That's so cool!!

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