Wednesday, May 25, 2005


An old man with a long white pony tail always has some conspiracy theory.

First he came to the desk with a list of databases the public library has. I explained that we don't have those databases because we are the county, not the city. He repeated, see it says here, you have it.

Today he was researching his long lost relatives and he wanted to order an interlibrary loan. I found the book he wanted and filled out the slip.

Man: How do you know they will send volume 2?
Me: Because I wrote volume 2 right here, see?
Man: Yeah, but what if they mess up? Will I get my money back?
Me: No, it is not refundable. ($2.50)
Man: That's horrible. What do you mean I don't get a refund? That's taxation without representation.

Whatever, life goes on.

Man: What if I wanted to buy these books online?
Me: You can order them through Amazon. You will just need a credit card.
Man: That is discrimination. And how do I know I won't get conned, huh? How do I know they will just take my money and I'll never see the book?

As I was filling out the slip he was mumbling about how one of his relatives got incarcerated in Georgia.
What a pill!

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