Tuesday, May 10, 2005

email class

Just one student came to my Email class this morning. But I still have material to blog about… The student was the guy who asked us to schedule him an appt. to meet with Gov. Arnold and Pres. Bush, very important.

The first step is to get to yahoo. He writes yahoo, and says, comma, no problem? We resolved that problem and moved to the box where he needed to put his last name. He misspelled it over and over and over again! I had to keep asking him if he wants the a in the name. He couldn’t really remember the spelling of his name because he changed it when he moved from Iraq- his name in Iraq no good.

Of course the first 3 ID’s we tried to get were taken… life goes on until we get to the box to create a password. He says what I type? Make up a password. What I type? Do you have any pets? Zero, nothing. Well, do you like to eat? Fich. Now for the security question- what was your first car? Do you have a car? Yes, ford mini. He sees the word i-n-f-o, spells it out, and says what that?

The real test is always typing the characters generated at the end of the form. Type it just like it is: capital X, lower case y, the number 5. Capital 5? No, just 5.

We made it! and he laughs- Yahoo, that somebody from Jewish! Now I listen to BBC news in Arabic, no problem? Sure, no problem.

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