Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Gettysburg Address

Phone caller: How many words are in the Gettysburg address and what is the first sentence?

Colleague- 285, and reads off the first sentence about ten times, spells many of the words.
For a minute I thought she was going to read off the whole thing.

Ten minutes later he calls back, this time I answered. What day was the Gettysburg address? November 19, 1863. What? November 19, 1863. Huh? November 19, 1863. Oh.

Ten minutes later he calls back to ask- how long did it take Hitler to write Mein Kamph? My colleague did some research and told him it was written while Hitler was in prison for 9 months. Then he asks, what about the second volume. How long did that take?

Every time the phone rang I prayed it wouldn’t be him again!

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