Monday, May 16, 2005

Hold out your hand

I'm going to call my customer Sam... S as in Sam. Last summer Sam came to the desk and asked my colleague to hold out his hand. He did, and Sam gave him 2 racecars- the type from a cereal box or 7-11. My colleague said thanks, and Sam hurled up his suitcase onto the desk and proceeded to pull out about 25 more race cars.

Sam: You take em, I don't have any place for them.
Colleague: We don't want to take all your cars.
Sam (no voice modulation): Cuz cuz I don't have any space for them. You take em.

So my colleague went to the check out desk to get a plastic bag for them.

Sam: 4:00 already? Gotta split, lunchtime! Seeeeeee ya later!


Two boys who watched the scene came to the desk to look at the cars. I told them they could have them if they wanted, but they said that's ok, like kids in some movie I can't remember!


You can imagine the scene: Sam and his race cars, Mr. Kissy Kissy- sweety pie- hotcakes running around, phone ringing off the hook, and God knows what else!

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