Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My RefGrunt

It is really headache material to create a detailed RefGrunt, but here are today's highlites:

Caller: I'm looking to reserve a couple of books.
He tells me the titles and says "all right!" several times.
Woman wanting to upload resume: So is Yahoos as good as any, or what do you think about MSN?
Girl: Is the old man who was working at this desk yesterday here?
Me: Can you be more specific?
Girl: Tall, skinny, glasses, gray hair.
Me: That still doesn't help me.
There are 2 men who work here and too many people think they are twins, even though they look nothing alike.
How much is a color print?
15 cents a page.
So, what about prints in color?
15 cents a page.
Hi girl, hi honey, hi dear, hotcakes, I'm gonna get you, (and blows kisses).
So where do I sign up to look at the computer?
This isn't a museum- but if you want, you can stand over there and look at the computer all day!
Where's the copy machine?
Over there by the window.
So where's the copier?
Just over there by the window.

Yes, that was a different guy who asked about the color prints twice.
And the most frustrating reference work of the day: A man came in looking for a list of vendors outsourced by the city and county. He wants to contact each company to "infuse capital." I found some information about vendors on the city's site, but it wasn't enough detail. I explained that the type of information he is looking for is probably not released to the public. He says, "I know that, that is why I am at the library asking you to find the information. Hurry up, I don't have all day. Walk me through how I can find the SIC codes" So annoying, he wouldn't give it up! Finally Marian goes to the back office and calls me to ask if I need a rescue. Unfortunately, it was too late because he left.

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the stealthy librarian said...

Oh, I totally feel your pain on that last one. I hate customers/questions like that.