Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pokes my arm

As I'm trying to help a patron find IRS tax forms, a frantic woman reaches over the desk to poke me several times in the arm. I tell her that I can't help her now, I'm busy helping this gentleman. She starts to cry. Marian takes over, thank God.

The woman's wallet was stolen. She left it unattended with $100 cash and her green card. The irony in the situation is that she leaves her purse unattended when she comes to the desk to poke me.

Marian calls the police station and lets the woman tell her story. They can't come over to file the report because they are so busy. But, the woman is too much of a wreck to tell us if she is supposed to wait at the liberry for someone to take the report or if she is supposed to go to the station. Finally the security guard takes over.

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