Monday, May 23, 2005

Ref Grunt again, because it's the most fun

10:00 Can I use the internet?

10:01 (insistently) “Good morning.”

10:08 Are my CDs and books that I ordered in yet? (no)

10:09 PHONE: “Can I get back on the list for the new John Grisham book? I haven’t finished it yet and I can’t renew it.”

10:21 Can I have some paper?

10:22 Can you please take your phone outside? Thanks.

10:33 A lady would like to request Codex by Lev Grossman, The Serpent on the Crown by Elizabeth Peters, Map of Bones by James Rollins, Alibi by Joseph Kanon, and The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell.

10:39 On her way out, she waves across the library. “Thank you!”

11:00 Books on Frida Kahlo (we have); poetry of Paul Scott Mowrer (we don’t have); Invented Lives by J. Mellow (the last copy is missing).

11:08 (10-year-old girl) Can I order Word of Mouf by Ludacris and The Massacre by 50 Cent?

11:11 Do we have to sign up for the computers?

11:12 Where do we pick up prints?

I need a book.
Okay, which one?
It’s called…..(thinks for a while)…Major Something in California. Major…Problems. That’s it. Major Problems in California. It’s a textbook.
No, sorry, we have other books in the Major Problems… series, but not that one.

Hi sweetie, I’m working on this resume. If I just put Betty Sue Kolodziej @ Yahoo.Com on here, will that work?
Well, you have to register your address with Yahoo first, to make sure no one has the same one. Your name (not her real name) is pretty unusual, so it might be available…
I know!
But also you can’t put any spaces in an email address.
Oh! See, I knew if I just asked you, you would know what to do.

11:20 Can I sign up for the internet?

None of those books on Frida Kahlo are what I want. Do you have Genius Together by Humphrey Carpenter?
No, sorry. We have a biography of J.R.R. Tolkien by him...
No, I don’t care for him. How about Hemingway’s Wives, or something like that?
We have The Hemingway Women by Bernice Kert…
All right, that sounds like the one.

11:38 A gentleman considerately leaves his computer and comes over to the reference desk to cough. “I swallowed a piece of my cough drop,” he says.

11:42 OMG a cute boy!

11:43 PHONE: Do you have Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking?
Well, we only have one copy and there are 2 people waiting for it.
So that would be a month or more?
Probably. Do you want to be on the list?
No, I’ll just go buy it.

11:51 PHONE: Another library wants to know if we have the [Large City] White Pages.

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The Liberry aka Amy said...

Sad or funny? I think I knew who the 10 year old girl is who wants the rap music. However, I have NEVER seen anyone cute at the liberry.