Tuesday, May 10, 2005

save it

People who have lost weight often like to share all the details. Today this guy came in saying how hot it is outside, but that is because he was just speed walking. See, he lost 110 pounds just by speed walking. You know what I have to say about that? Save it for someone who cares!

Anyway, he came to ask about a book based on a movie. We don’t even know if the book even exists- he just thinks the book must exist because the movie was “based on a true story.” However, the word “story” doesn’t necessarily imply “book.”

Then he asked how much our programs cost. His response to free was wow, now there’s a 4 letter word nobody minds. Then he comments all my favorite actors are gay. My friend said- is nature trying to tell you something? Once again, save it for someone who cares.

He goes on and on as my colleague is searching for this nonexistent book. He says wow, I sure gave you a task, didn’t I. But I figure, you are a liberrian so you know everything!

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