Wednesday, May 04, 2005


A gentleman and his friend come up to the reference desk:

Guy: I would like to buy a Spanish-German dictionary.
Me: Well, we don't sell any books here. You just borrow them, and then you bring them back.
Guy: (looking confused) You don't sell them?
Me: No, just lend.
Guy: How long can you borrow them for?
Me: Three weeks.
Guy: (to friend) Huh! That's not bad! (to me) And how much does it cost?
Me: Nothing; it's free.
Guy: (he and friend are completely gobsmacked by this idea) FREE?!?!
Me: Yep.
Guy and Friend: WOW.

And just to make us even more awesome, we actually had a Spanish-German dictionary.

We rule.


The Liberry aka Amy said...

For the record, the gobsmacked guys were native Greek speakers. They reminded me of the loud dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Hilarious...

the stealthy librarian said...

I guess they win the "Unclear on the Concept" award. That's awesome. At least they weren't complaining about something. It's so refreshing when people are actually pleased with library services.