Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where's your job coach?

An important line I learned early on = where's your job coach?

When I first started working here I dealt with a woman who thought I was threatening to murder her. See, I was nervous, and one of my habits is to twist my ring around my finger. She interpreted that "I'm threatening to kill you and cut off your fingers." Actually, she thought I was not only threatening to murder her, but also her twin sister. Then she said, "I hate Sarah, I'm going to kill her!" As we debriefed that incident, I learned that I should have said where's your job coach to bail myself out of that situation.

Today another frequent "job student" came in and asked a series of random questions (as he does daily): What's the Terminator's phone number? Where can I take karate? What's the phone number for the GI Joe stores? What about stars and stripes? When are we gonna reelect the Terminator? Where does the military store get their supplies? Any phone numbers? Fortunately his job coach came after 5 minutes of this string of questions...

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