Thursday, June 09, 2005

Acting Business

Dad- I'm trying to get my kids in the acting business. All I found was this (a 2002 guide to modeling and talent scouting agencies). Damn, don't ya have anything else?

Let me check, no, that is the most up to date book on the subject.

So like, they totally forgot to write another book since 2002? How did they do that?

We just didn't purchase the most recent edition for our collection. You can probably go to the bookstore and find a recent copy.

So I just go over to Nobles? Damn.

I can order you a similar book that's more updated. I'll just need your card.

Of course he doesn't have a card so I send him down to fill out the application.

He huffs back- I just found out you are affiliated with the branch across town. I've been a bad boy, and I'm not going to pay my fines. I will just go to Nobles.

You do that.

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