Monday, June 06, 2005

Am I wearing a sign?

I think I must be wearing a sign invisible to me but bright as ever to freaks. I was walking with my friend from BN to Target (my day off) and this guy comes up to us and asks if we are near the local college. We say we're about 30 minutes from it. Then he goes into his story, but first tells my friend that she has a great smile and that red is my color. He says, I have OCD, I give complements. I haven't had anything to drink in a year. I'm sober. So when I went to a party the other night the cops asked for my ID, and they said they have a warrant out for my arrest. I didn't do nothing. My first time in jail. I was just released today. They gave me my wallet, but mailed the cash home. (Sure). So I was wondering if you girls could spare some cash to help me get home. I swear you girls are my best friends in this city.

I looked at my watch and said I'm meeting someone and I'm already late. My friend said we don't carry cash.
Why me???

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