Sunday, June 19, 2005


Max: Do you have Car and Driver, Road and Track, I haven't found it for 3 months.

We walk over to the magazines...

Max: You smell good... did you take a bath or shower?
Me: Yes.
Max: Me too. A bath and a shower. 15 minutes.


Max: Oh shit, I'm too loud, aren't I.

2 hours later-

Max: Do you have that white James Bond 007 book, the one with the silver writing? It usually has the number 823 on it and is near Shakespeare (822). I know that because 823 is my birthday. I'll be 48. Do you have any bookmarkers?

I give him one.

Max: Do you have any bookmarkers thicker than that? I have four James Bond 007 movies. (lists them off).

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