Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Story of Marian's Violin

This was actually the same day as the woman leaving her dentures at the computer.
It was a good day.

Anyway, what happened was that two Arabic-speaking women (who also spoke some English) came in with a man who only spoke Russian. I'm not sure how they knew each other--they seemed like they'd only just met, but the ladies seemed to think that the library would be a good place to get help. (They were right!)

The man was saying something about e-mail, but of course he didn't have an e-mail account and I was dreading having to try to sign him up for one. Then he brought out a letter he (or somebody) had written to Arnold Schwarzenegger, asking for help getting into showbiz.

I thought it might actually be easier if he just went and mailed the letter at the post office, but no one could communicate this idea to him until I thought of getting the Russian phrasebook. Of course there were all kinds of things like "Can I get these shoes cleaned while I wait?" and "Please tell the chambermaid to leave extra towels," but nothing along the lines of "You are crazy if you think Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to take time out of his busy schedule to help you become an actor, Russian-Speaking Dude."

I did find something about the post office though, and the ladies (who at this point were pretty much on the floor laughing) said they would take him over there. I even got him an envelope and addressed it to Arnold (who should have a whole special department for Immigrants who Want to Break Into Showbiz).

Anyway, Russian-Speaking Dude was so grateful for my expert help that he gave me this lovely violin keychain that also is a flashlight.


The Liberry aka Amy said...

Thanks Marian! That is my favorite one of all time...

Melanie said...

Awesome!! That's my favorite too! I love that story!!