Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another service we don't provide

This was a TDD call where someone translated, so there were long pauses after everything I said. OK...
The psychologist of the woman's son recommends that he stops playing video games and finds some interaction. He is very intelligent. He needs an emotional outlet to interact. This is his Spring break. The psychiatrist says he needs interaction, he doesn't have enough to do.

He can come to the movie today or the programs next Wednesday for Summer Reading.

You're gonna keep him busy, right? You're not just gonna show him... he'd be bored with that! You need to keep his attention, he needs interacting. Would you call him and convince him that he needs to come to the library? My psychiatrist said you would...

Hmmm... how am I gonna get him there, just bring him to the bus stop? You don't understand. Are you going to talk to the children or what? Do they have to sign up or something? You don't understand.

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