Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Calligraphy Class" disaster

Today my "calligraphy class" was a complete disaster. Too many people came- old men, young men, girls that were not men at all... and I didn't have enough pens. Some of my knitting students came with questions from that day. When am I going to do that class again? Never. I thought this one would be easy, but yeah right. One woman was angry because she took time off from work (a bridal business) because she thought she was going to learn brush calligraphy. And the background noise:

So, do you make your o's in one stroke or two? Am I holding the pen right? What do I do, I'm left handed... (a nightmare).

I was rushing around setting up extra tables and chairs, trying to improvise with other markers, but couldn't please the crowd. I kept thinking that I could go home after this mess, then realized I am here for three more hours... Not my day! It = all character building anyway.

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