Thursday, July 21, 2005

did you join

Did you join our reading program?

Mom- I really wanted to have him join, but I don't like the theme of it: dragons. My other kids always joined too.


the stealthy librarian said...

"Joust Read" by any chance? Or is this the kids program? We're having our end-of-summer wrap tomorrow and it's so big that for the first time ever they have to hold it somewhere besides the library.

The Liberry aka Amy said...

Isn't "Joust Read" the worst slogan? Marian refused to buy the shirts b/c she didn't want to encourage nerdiness!

Marian The said...

I always encourage nerdiness. It's the DORKINESS I try to avoid.

Seriously, what teenager in their right mind would want to wear a t-shirt that says "Joust Read"?
I was a HUGE nerd at that age and even I wouldn't have worn it.