Friday, July 01, 2005

Finally Friday

I get to work tomorrow, but it is still Finally Friday in my book.

Porn to Precalc guy came in with a girlfriend who was looking for the book Raj as well as a guide to speak Persian and Hindi. Then she left and he went online all day.

----- guy needs help with the volume.

Woman comes in wearing white spandex and fluffy grey leggings. 20 years ago she would have been in style.

"My hotmail won't work" times twenty.

Bus routes for the fare only.
Translation: How do I take the bus to the local fair?

Porn to Precalc guy has had waaaaaaaay more than 30 minutes. Since he is snoozing to the tunes, I tug his headphone to get his attention. Sort of creative.

Security guard alerted us to the guy sitting @ computer #1- his picture is listed in the sex offender gallery. What a nice crowd.

Girl who cheats on the summer reading to get an extra pencil: Wow, how do you guys know all those numbers?
We are here every day.
Oh, so do you ever get vacations and stuff?
No, never.

Man tells me the story about how his wife was arrested for stealing a $3.99 lipstick. The cops broke her arm. He is going to be a millionaire.

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