Thursday, July 21, 2005

I need help

This is my catalog code, how much can I save?

I don't know, it looks like you need to log into your account.

Account, hhhhhhh. Excuse me. I need help! Can you check this number for me? How you do it, check. How? It said go here. No no no no no. Hurry, check the code. So I have to check. (Now she is bothering other patrons). Check your coupon code below, that's all I have to do, how I do it. It say check your code online today, check your coupon code below. How I do it? Where is it, here? What I do? What else I do? Try it, you not sure? If I don't know... here- find your coupon code, see. I just want to see how much I save. Small then forget it. Can you fill that code? That's why I come here, so I can check any, cause I not have computa. SHIT. I come here, waste my time. Huge sigh... shit. The library people more stupid.

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