Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Favorite Customer

Why = this guy my favorite customer? Because he comes up with the most impossible questions but just laughs. Initially my colleague was helping him, but when it was time for her to leave I took over. (After I recovered from practically crying from laughing in the office).

He's a citizen of the Congo and wants to travel to China, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. In fact, he is leaving in 3 days for China, but thought it would be free. Complete surprise that a visa et al would be required. My colleague defines travel agent and he just laughs and laughs, but she is so professional and serious- the best!

He explains the embassy doesn't take phone calls, and laughs some more. Then randomly talks about people walking around naked and how he was offended. More laughs. Then he asks me if I remember his point how it is never stupid to ask questions. If you don't ask the question, then you will feel stupid. Oh yes.

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porchwise said...

Funny stuff. I'll keep up with it.