Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pot of Gold

So who doesn't want to find a pot of gold. The following is a conversation my colleague had with a guy who proved to have a photographic memory with the lens cover super glued on:

There's a woman who died in Kansas named Miss Mary. She said she'd give me her land after she died. But she didn't. See, she never married because she couldn't if you know what I mean (sorry, I don't know or care what you mean). I wanna make sure I didn't come into some large sums of money. She had 200 acres of prime land, dairy farm land. I think she called it Clover Leaf Dairy. I could have something back there with my name. We are the only relatives. All them years (I love that expression), she just loved her diary, been there at 4am milkin 'em. Miss Mary is all I know, well I think her last name was Smith. Yeah, Smith. My dad has 2 brothers, we had all dairy products free... which is bad, er, good, during those times when it was hard to eat. The brothers are Bob and Ed. Ed married Edna; she passed away when she was 87. Clover Leaf Dairy is an airport now. 200 acres of land, whatever, could have been more, could have been less. (This reference question took a good 20 minutes). But then they built an airport there in the last 10 years, but it used to be a golf course someone else owned. He didn't need to work anymore. She gave it to the church. I wonder what happened to all that, she was a very giving person who wouldn't go back on something like this, or at least would have given me a portion...

Colleague- OK, well here is the official website for the county. Maybe they could help you find a contact.

Man- Oh, I know that street. I've even been there. Should I er write that down? It was a golf course, maybe they combined the diary farm. There's a beach band. It's supposed to be everybody knows where it is. Camping, drag racing, they have everything.

And the whole time I'm thinking, what would this guy do if he really did strike it rich? Wouldn't it be great if it were like this all the time?

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