Friday, July 22, 2005

Tales from our LIII

There's an old man at branch X who uses the library as a cool zone. He is there all day, every day. Wednesday he kept going outside every ten minutes to check the thermometer, then he'd come back in and announce in a loud voice, "It's 114 degrees out there!" "It's still 114 degrees out there!" "Now it's 115 degrees out there!" Finally we had to tell him to stop opening the door and letting the air conditioning out!

At branch Y a woman and her daughter asked why we don't have "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in the library system. I told them we do have it. They insisted we don't. We did the do too, do not thing for a while, then I typed it into the catalog and turned the monitor around to show them. The daughter said, "I TOLD you it wasn't spelled P-H-I-N-E-X!!

A member of the FOL at branch Z whispered to me, "This is your lucky day - we've got the next best thing to Robert Redford in the Community Room! Come join us!" Turns out it was a lemon nut cake!!!

Reactions to the recent reorganization of supervising librarians:

Branch 1: Aren't you happy you get to keep us?!
Branch 2: Are you OK with this?
Branch 3: How could they do this to us?!
Branch 4: Remember everyone, don't get attached to this one until we find out if we get to keep her!!

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The Liberry aka Amy said...

Ooh, that extra degree makes a huge difference from 114 - 115!