Thursday, July 07, 2005

very LOUD man

A man in his 80's, wearing a neckerchief, had the following conversation with my colleague-

(Point of the conversation = to find a bike repair book).

I have one real good bike. Boy when you step on those pedals it has got a gear drive. And boy, you can go up any hill just like that. But I need to fix it. The spokes are out of line.

In fact I know some ladies who live in the same mobile home park as I do. She has been a librarian for years. She is very smart, she can talk two languages. You girls really got it together here, I gotta say that for ya. But I'm not gonna find anything over there that's gonna help me much.

I have some computer parts: a mouse, screen, keyboard, and big tall thing. I gotta get some more stuff. I'm kinda new at it, so... Are you gonna have computer classes here? I went to the other library, the guy was so smart. I could even understand everything he said, almost. That was the best computer class I've ever been to. However, at the other branch, the librarian had such a high pitched voice she was like a squaking chicken (and imitates her).

Ya know, I had a book about repairing gasoline engines for dummies. The best book I've ever seen that helps you with everything. So if they even had that book by accident, I should just ask for the number? I'm a real do it yourselfer guy, and I've been that way all my life. You name it, and I have probably repaired it. (Reminds me of that Liberty Medical Wilford Brimley guy- "check your blood sugar, check it often"). Except for when it comes to washing machines, forget it. I think it is time to buy a new dryer, and maybe a new washing machine.

So, we said everything, didn't we. Thank you friend. Hey, do you think I sound like Jimmy Stewart to you?
(, and who is Jimmy Stewart I'm thinking).
But I can sing just like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin when my throat isn't dry. Remember Dean Martin used to have a song- and starts singing Everybody Loves Somebody.

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