Tuesday, August 02, 2005


A student brought a rather obscure botany book up to the Circulation desk and said, "I'd like to buy this book, please."

The technician said, "I'm sorry, but our books are not for sale. You may borrow it, but you can't keep it."

The student said, "You don't understand. I need this book for my research. I've already borrowed it and now it's due back, but I still need it. I'll give you $50 for it."

To which the tech said, "Sir, our books are not for sale. You can probably buy a copy from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com."

The student said, "No, no - it's out of print; they don't have it."

Tech: "Well then, perhaps our librarian can suggest some used booksellers."

Student: "There's no time for that! If you won't sell it to me, I'll just have to steal it! I'll check it out again and just not bring it back!"

Tech: "You can't check it out again for at least 24 hours."

Student: "Fine. Tomorrow I will come back and get it and you'll never see it again!"

After the student left, the tech went to the librarian, explained the situation, and asked, "What should we do? Tomorrow he's going to come back and steal our book!"

The librarian took the book, typed a few lines into the computer, then said, "No he won't. The book is now checked out to me until the end of the term. Let's see if he still wants it then!"

Sometimes it's so easy!!

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