Friday, August 05, 2005

Fab Friday

Why is today a Fab Friday? My job was posted at headquarters, so hopefully my days are numbered in this house of insanity / bootcamp. I spent an hour at the desk, so here's today's blog:

Our page who has worked at the liberry for over 7 years walks by and tells me he just checked out his first thingie. He was very happy.

Guy wants ASVAB and I say the only one here is in reference. He asks, can you move it, or is it stuck?

Man has no idea what to do when he clicks on the annoying mailto: link. I explain that he needs to open his email and copy/paste the address, which completely bewilders him. He opens hotmail (yeah, hotmail) and addresses it to www.... He writes the message asking for their phone number, like they'll answer that. Then he asks what BCC and CC mean, as if it should be any of his concern. I explain it, but I guess not clearly enough. He says where do they come up with that stuff. So what did I need to do, just press the @ sign and that's it?

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