Saturday, August 06, 2005

I won't forget your face

Woman in her 30's: Did you help me before? I'm almost sure... I won't ever forget your face. You helped me find those books on Jersualem potato bugs, the ones with the cute faces! I'm certain I won't ever forget your face.

Is that good or bad, I wonder.


Marian The said...

Actually, that was ME who helped her!
Guess my face is not that memorable.

She told me this whole story about how her sister tried to kill one of those things by throwing it in the fire, and you could hear it 'crying' (she said) and then the next morning they found it and it was still alive.
Potato bugs are the most horrifyingly ugly things I have ever seen. They give me the willies. Or what do they call it, the howling fantods.

The Liberry aka Amy said...

Good, I knew it wasn't me because I wouldn't forget something insane like that. Yep, Marian has a memorable cute face, just like the Jerusalem bug!