Saturday, August 13, 2005

Max goes to the baseball game-- One of the best ever!

Note: I'm going to the baseball game tomorrow with my "husband;" really my church group. Watch me see him there...
When are the computer classes start?
Good God. (What a great comment to a hilarious exchange.).
How much for a baseball ticket in the bleachers, right field?
Mind boggling, isn't it. I don't know why I didn't ask you that earlier.

To my colleague (before lunch)...

You'd keep that up for me? You are a nice dude...
Is this paper big enough for me to write some'em like that?
Could you print it, no you couldn't do something like that.
You have a wide screen there, don't you...
Ok, ok, sir.
You don't have a food processor, do you?
Mmmm. Too many questions, huh.
They are in first place by the way, beat the Yanks.
Max, you have been coming to the liberry for years; we would love to help you.
Hands the question over to me and goes to lunch, nice dude.
I needed that, I appreciate that.
Yes, you are one of our best customers.
They are in first; wow, that is just how it looks like on TV.
Yeah, that is, so nothing about the concessions?
It says the concessions will break a family of 4.
What does that mean.
It is expensive.
Yea, yeah. Mmmm...
That is first base, so I will be right there? I don't want to pry.
Uh huh, where, right here?
No, this is the view from your seat; you can't see your seat on the map.
Yea, yeah, how much for a hamburger and a chili dog?
I'm tellin ya. That's right, you can't do that, probably not, huh.
What's this, Google? I seen that on one of my movies. Yea, I seen that, that frame is google right there, yea.
Oh yea, yeah; names team.
It says $21 average.
Prime seats, huh?
Parking, eleven dollars. That's not cheap, considering a game. Hot dog, coke.

Max, let's write that down, how much is that.
Eleven dollars.
For what, how much is that?
Two dollars each at the grill, right field.
Two dollars for a hot dog and a drink, right?
No, two dollars each.
In the game?
No, in the grill, right field concourse.
Assuming in the stadium? Can we get back to the prices, ticket prices? I don't get paid till Sept. (Relief, I won't see him tomorrow).
Alright, we discussed food prices, huh?
Have a good time, Amy.
So $26 for right lower box?
Bye, Amy!

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