Monday, August 08, 2005

What I miss about working at the branch library, in no particular order

(by special request from Amy)

--Eclectic Movie Man (always chews gum, will watch literally any movie)

--High school students who bring me a book they liked and ask me to recommend something else good

--Semi-Goth girl, always very sweet and polite

--Tax season...actually, no.

--People who call on the phone and want a random piece of information, e.g "What date was Good Friday in 1974?" or "Who was the ambassador to Hungary in 1905?" This is probably my favorite part of the job.

--Old men who come in with a long list of books to pick up for their wives

--Middle-school students who are doing interesting science fair projects and do their own research, and I can talk to them like real people

--When someone is completely amazed that I found what they were looking for

--The notebook we use to write down subjects we need more books on--I love looking through it and seeing what people are asking about

--that one ancient gay guy who always comes in with his partner and flirts elegantly with me

--Last-minute projects from the Branch Librarian, e.g. 'Marian, can you make me some bookmarks with career book titles by this afternoon?'

--Seeing the supervising librarian in action at the reference desk--after 30? years she ROCKS it and I am in awe

--Making up book displays and designing the signs to go with them

--People checking out the books I put in the display

--Finding alternate means of communicating with people who are deaf or don't speak English

--People who are very serious about reading the books in a series in order, because it matters!


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The Liberry aka Amy said...

Parties b/c Marian always cooks/bakes the best treats!