Wednesday, September 21, 2005

12 - 2 pm shift Wednesday

  • Kissy got his hair cut, but is wearing the same red hat.
  • I did a long search (probably unsuccessful) for a young entrepreneurs club.
  • Researched the history of slavery in Brazil.
  • Researched John Ward, pirate.
  • Helped with science fair project: does sugar make you hyper?
  • Looked in Consumer Reports for reviews of cereals (not science fair student).
  • Directed woman to Mary Pope Osbourne's Magic Treehouse series.
  • Looked for Cliff Notes on Bless Me Ultima. Not successful.
  • Gave Max a pencil.
  • Looked for a lawyer named Sam Jones. Another not successful task.
  • Helped Max understand his quick pick- you know I keep you posted, serious. Do you have another pencil, still got that one with the eraser? It looks like rainbow, it does. Two of 'em! Good luck Max! That will be great material for a movie script when he wins...
  • Ordered DVD of electric slide for foreign phone caller.

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