Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another genealogy guy...

My family traced back to the 1600's; you need lots of hands to keep a working farm going.

And I come to find out they were married. I'm gonna find out about da kids, that's the last part I'm gonna throw at them. The names of the cities, little one, is it. A township in Philadelphia.

Alright, see, according to that you'll find that's their marriage date, how they got mixed up? I don't know. Unless they wanted you to dig for it.

Sit and think about things for a little bit and go another what I call these... take the page out of another book, another place: all of a sudden you see the dates on that one word. Cuz we were both sittin there and I spotted it and I say is this what you are looking for!

My colleague: Very interesting...

Now if you read books, and I know you do, turn the page over and find out what they are talking about. And that's me. I turn it over. Who are you? How do you fit? Gets into it...

I was hear earlier this morning and they said you wouldn't be here until 1, so I came back to tell you this.

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