Thursday, September 22, 2005

Can't Stop Laughing

Today has been hilarious, and I know there is more to come:

  • On paper it looks different- I found a scrap that said asshold.
  • Uh huh, mmm guy asks for law offices. What type? How about Jacobean Meyer? Any, I just want to give 'em a call. Then he says he wants to contact the state attorney. He also wants to become a deputy and contact the local department.
  • Lesson for me- Anna Morse, Anna Morphs, Animorphs.
  • Can you help me? Where is this shirt made? In the Philippines. It says so in English and Spanish. Thank you, I didn't see that. Are these computers any different than the ones over there? Yes, they have internet. Oh, I knew that something was different. Later she comes back and shows me her receipts- which one is for the polo shirt I returned? This one. Why does it say 60% cotton and 40% poly twice? One is in Spanish.
  • Do you have Computers for Dummies? I just messed up the programming for uh, what is it honey, ... microsoft, yeah, Microsoft for Dummies.
  • Is this a play or a movie? A play. Oh, it's easy to check 'em [vhs]. And if there is something wrong I'll let them know. I'll check it right now. There could be something you can't see. This one looks good; it is the only play I really ever liked. I must see it.
  • I hunted down an abacus. Being a math girl, I automatically envisioned a compass. Oops.
  • Do you have career books? My daughter thinks she wants to be a nurse, but at 300 pounds, I don't think she'd make a good one.

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