Sunday, September 11, 2005

From a book entitled, Face Saving Exercises from Miss Craig

Oddest book ever Posted by Picasa


Marian The said...

OMG please tell me you didn't weed that!!

I must read this book.

Marian The said...

Your copy is marked "MISSING".

Very fishy.

The Liberry aka Amy said...

Sah-ree; the other copy is checked out (unbelievable) from another branch; you can put a hold on that. I want to buy it through Amazon.

chrisiknow said...

I Googled you when I was looking for
this book. No, seriously, I have used this technique
for years.

I would like to find a copy.

Okay, so she was a little campy.
but I think she was being tongue in cheek...

Anybody help me find a copy?

Marian The said...

Try your local library!