Friday, September 30, 2005


I've named the Mr. Seeeee Ya Later guy Greg. Greg comes to the desk, asks me to divide the number 94 in half. I tell him it is 47. Is that an even number? No, it is an odd number, but whole. Make it even. It is next to 46 and 48, but 47 is odd. Oh, 48, that's all I needed to know. Thanks.

Later Greg has an extended conversation with Frank about pages in his military book. If page 5 and 6 are opposite, they are two different pages. The other side of page 6 is 7. Is that the same page? Yes and no. Yes, it is the same leaf of paper. It contains information on each side, so we call that 6 and 7.

As Greg is leaving he asks if there are any openings on Saturday. Yes, we are open on Saturday. No, are there any openings for the computer? Yes. (Like he cares).

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Marian The said...

Wow, that's so deep.
It is the same page, and isn't.

Frank used to study Zen Buddhism, so it sounds like a question right up his alley.