Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Height of Rudeness

So around 7:30 I go around and invite those internet people who don't know how to tell time. A woman screams you are rude. Don't be rude. You are very rude. And then she lets everyone go ahead of her in line. She tells the kids, don't let her bug you, she is rude. You are fine. Come here honey, come on.


And a woman came up and whispered, that lady, she is out of her mind.
I replied, I know, I have learned to have thick skin!

She filled out a comment card that read: Amy is extremely NASTY to everyone on the computers.

Then she tells the security guard that if it ever happens again, she (and will instruct her children) will "knock me out."

The level of logic blows me away! And, the irony of the situation is that I was only trying to HELP her get a computer. Good Lord!

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