Friday, September 23, 2005

Incident Binder

I wrote about the incident last night with the thief in the incident binder. Quite an interesting archive. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Two customers complained about a female yelling profanities at them by the entrance. We found a duffel bag in the bushes and a tent pole by the dumpster.
  • Male customer had been using the internet for most of the day. His behavior was odd- walking around, laughing loudly, talking to himself. He made customers feel uncomfortable as they asked to be moved. We asked him to leave and he kicked the chair and shouted obscenities.
  • Group of homeless people congregated 20 feet from entrance. There was a fight and a victim with a bloody eye. Called the police, but most of the crowd had left by the time they came.
  • Homeless woman shouting profanities in the computer room. As she left the building she knocked the doors off the track. Same person attempted to take the typewriter apart.
  • Customer reported a smell in the women's restroom. Woman in the handicap stall was shouting obscenities and had her clothes strewn on the floor.
  • Two men outside began taunting each other. One was waving a large stick.
  • Two men were arguing about a woman. Threats were made; no physical contact.
  • Two customers reported someone bathing and washing clothes in the women's restroom.
  • Loud dispute between 2 couples in lobby.
  • Woman demanded staff finds her belongings. She approached ref and checkout to report the belongings had been stolen. We asked her to describe it and she yelled that is your job. We looked everywhere and eventrually found it. At this point, she began slamming books on the tables and slammed the handle on the water fountain. Then she received a complaint about her offensive odor.
  • Woman and daughter complain of being harassed at the entrance.
  • Homeless congregating outside building. Several shopping carts. People cussed and spit. Feces and urine in the area.
  • Two women fighting over property. They were punching, kicking, screaming, and yelling obscenities.
  • Mentally unstable homeless woman screaming. Someone had stolen his social security money. Ten dollars.
  • Disabled man with "service dog" (dachshund) came to ref desk for assistance. Liberrian took him into stacks and returned to desk to look up more information. The dog barked several times, loudly. Liberrian teasingly told the dog that we do not allow barking in the liberry. Later the customer complained that the liberrian had unfairly singled him out and embarrassed him and his dog.
  • Customer angry a group signed up to use community room for tarot, astrology, divination. He felt this subject = inappropriate.
  • Woman registered same complaint as above. She will contact city council representatives if we don't cancel. She also threatened to picket.
  • Two women were asked not to do their laundry and shower in the restroom.
  • [Another day] woman asked not to do laundry became belligerent and aggressively advanced and used obscenities.
  • Woman in computer room cursed at the typewriter and behaved erratically. She yelled at us.
  • Tall man screamed @ tech: Go back to your place over there, you need to be restrained, you have a bad attitude.
  • Man arrested for exposing himself in YA area.
  • Female standing outside screaming and behaving in threatening manner.
  • Female demands we make announcement about her lost ten dollars.
  • Woman had seizure outside and hit head.
  • Customer complained of woman smoking meth in restroom.

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the stealthy librarian said...

Oh holy crap. There is so much to comment on there. I believe your library is more eventful that ours. No one has actually physically hit someone here that I know of, although one of the circ gals did get shoved by some guy who kept setting off the alarm. We are down the street from a homeless shelter so our guys and gals tend to move on down that way instead of hanging out in front of the library.

I have a really good series of events to write about as soon as it goes to court or blows over. We've been having fun here.