Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Max checks in

How was your Labor Day, Amy?
Did you have the weekend off?
I had hamburgers, beans, macroons, macaroni salad... Today, not Labor Day, so we had hotdogs, fries. Is the summer over?
Yes, but it still is hot, so it still seems like it.
Yea yea.
Turns to my colleague, call him James.
Jasper, right?
No, Max, I'm James.
Oh yea yeah.


20 min later

James, sir gentleman (bows).
Yes Sir Max.
Oh yea, yea. I appreciate that Sir James.
Did you know I just turned 48 on August 23? Fifty, almost. A long shot.
Did you adopt that James Bond book?
Yeah, ok. I mean, hmmmm...
It might be checked out, Amy. Cuz it might be checked out though.
Yea, ok. Ha ha. Yea, that's like the topper, cuz.
Does that say Bewitched? Is that Bewitched? Yea yea.
Steps aside and mumbles like crazy to his inner voices.
You don't have to do that (check database).
I told him about 1000, 99 maybe something like that.


Then he asks security guard for a dollar.

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