Friday, September 23, 2005

Rough RefGrunt from Friday am

  • What's the word for ringing in the ears? Tinnitus.
  • Where are the books about dogs?
  • Which computer can I use? Any. Can I do eenie-meenie-miney-mo? Absolutely not.
  • Can I borrow the stapler? Here. Where's the black one?
  • Do you have books by Michael Savage? He's a popular dude, funny. He's funny. If you like to read you know some funny stuff. He's on talk radio, very funny. (Gee, I wonder if he is funny?) I tell her there's a waiting list for the most recent one and she says Jimminy Christmas, but that is probably because he is so funny. She returns, do you have One Police Plaza by Caunitz? I have to order it. Thanks a million, this is funny stuff.
  • So if I need to print something...?
  • Endless AT&T woman- can't figure out her online bill, requires the help of 3 liberrians. Didn't have an email, didn't know the concept, they told her she could skip that part because most people don't have an email. Which planet?
  • Can you make this computer make music? They helped me before.
  • Do you have a Disney play? Which one? Any, well the one about Barbie. No. The one about Barbie, how she changes her clothes. No, we don't. Sorry. That's ok, I'll just take the play about Barbie.
  • I help a guy after Frank attempted to upload the pictures to the email. She makes it look so easy, smooth like water. It's just like washing your hands and eating breakfast!
  • How are you? I am on my way to urgent care; I can't breathe. And leans against the desk, totally out of breath. Why was it so important to stop by the liberry?
  • Man is going to go see the museum exhibit. KL has a friend who already went, so she gives him advice: go to the bathroom before you take the tour. They don't let you leave. If you do, you can't return.
  • Mr. Uh huh, hmmm wants to know where the bodies are taken when they leave the crime scene.

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